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Truth and Community

Veritas, our namesake meaning truth, is focusing on what we know we do best: creating authentic, enriching experiences with high end, fresh ingredients from locally sourced farms and fishermen. Our fresh fish partner, Fortune Fish, is working diligently this season to bring troll caught Alaskan Halibut and Alaskan King Salmon to our menu during the brief window of time when they are most abundant. Trolling is a fishing technique that utilizes many fishing poles at once, so everything is pole caught by one of our fishing partners on a boat, no net! At Veritas, we take care of our fish and other ingredients from the very beginning to ensure the freshest, deepest flavor. We’re also excited to be bringing lake fish back to the menu as the lake continues to cool for the season, giving room for the walleye and whitefish population to flourish. With such pure and fresh fish and ingredients, Veritas decided to honor our namesake and our original mission to serve the community by refining what we do best. We at Veritas want our space to be one of community gathering, and we recognize the economic strife facing the community at the current moment. Making our menu more affordable was something that came naturally with our return to basics. Don’t let that term fool you, though, the basics at Veritas are anything but basic. If you want to learn more, keep an eye on this weekly segment to hear about other ways we work to enrich the community and ourselves. From our farming partners to our sparkling wine suppliers, we’ll be giving updates on everything Veritas! Next week, you’ll learn more about our amazing fresh produce supplier, Fusilier Family Farms!