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Veritas was opened in September of 2019 with a vision to bring fine dining to Jackson, Michigan. The dream was to create a classic American seafood steakhouse to fill a regional gap in that particular kind of experience. Being centrally located in Michigan, the development team for Veritas was uniquely positioned to pull off such an endeavor with great success; the local cattle farmers that supply the Manchester Market provide us with the highest quality beef for our steaks, and the plentiful fresh waters surrounding our beautiful state offer us the majority of our fresh seafood. At the time of its opening, Veritas was the only restaurant that offered daily fresh seafood. Dr. Nicholas Dyc was the originator of the restaurant and selected the building and location as he began developing the vision. He brought in local entrepreneur Ric Walton, owner of Walton Insurance Agency, for his deep connection to the community so they could work together to serve local needs. Dr. Dyc also brought in Roberta Dalenberg for her expertise in global hospitality and restaurant concept creation, and together the three of them helped curate the perfect Midwest restaurant experience.

Veritas is an ingredient forward restaurant, meaning every item is treated with the utmost care from the point of selection to the point of preparation. The name of the restaurant, Veritas, comes from the Latin noun vēritās, meaning truth, or true nature, and this name was carefully selected to showcase our mission with food: to remain true to the quality, experience, and meaning behind it. To support such delicious and meticulously prepared food, the perfect atmosphere had to be cultivated. Veritas is truly a beautiful place to experience a moment in time, whether in celebration of love or life. The inclusive and immersive atmosphere of the space transports our guests to fine dining in Chicago or New York, and a large part of that is our service.

Each of the Veritas staff is trained continuously from their hiring to illuminate the importance of the experience. Dining at Veritas will always leave you satisfied: your drinks will be full, your table will be clean, your appetizers fresh. Each member of our serving staff has undergone educational training to the degree where they are able to make expert recommendations for wine pairings, cocktails, and entrees. Our serving staff is there to guide our guests’ experiences so they can truly relax and take in the beautiful ambiance, delicious food, and delectable wine. Our wine list has been carefully curated by our in-house Sommelier, Jeffery, who also serves as the restaurant’s General Manager. His expertise has led us to crafting a wine list that is both approachable and unique, with something for every occasion. Our bourbon list is equally as impressive, with bourbons that are usually very difficult to find elsewhere. All of this is done carefully and thoughtfully for our guests.

Beyond our regular restaurant experience, which is honestly anything but regular, we also have several event spaces and catering options. Whether you’re looking for an intimate setting like the Parlor Room or the Board Room, or a large reception space for a wedding like our Ballroom, Veritas has the space, staff, and food to fill your request. We pride ourselves on our ability to serve the needs of our community, from celebrating love to holding political events. These spaces are also used for our classes, such as Rolling with Bo, in which our expert Sushi Chef, Bo, teaches guests the art of sushi rolling, or our cocktail classes with Jeffery in which you can learn to make top tier cocktails at home. The goal of these classes is not only to engage the community in various aspects of fine dining, but also to utilize the beautiful spaces available to us. So no matter your reason for visiting us at Veritas, you’re sure to be entertained, taken care of, and impressed!