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Rice, Fresh Fish, and Creativity Rolled Into One

a plate of food with a knife

Bo Keller, the sushi chef at Veritas, has 10 years of experience making sushi and brings a special charm to each roll she makes. Chef Bo emphasizes the importance of perfectly made rice when it comes to making sushi, even if it takes multiple rounds to get it right. Just the right amount of moisture and seasoning are needed for the rice; this is foundational to excellent sushi. Also essential is fresh fish, which Veritas gets weekly! Chef Bo says the final ingredient needed for a great sushi roll is creativity, and Veritas is always coming out with creative and surprising weekly specials. Being in charge of educating the chefs on all things sushi, Chef Bo explains that “when you learn new things everybody is like a baby,” so she has come to use simple and easy to understand terms when teaching, such as instructing on how to roll the rice into a snowball size. With Bo’s expertise and excellent teaching, Veritas is able to make delicious sushi both to order in the restaurant and for catered events. The Veritas team is able to put together menus for catered events of any size, an excellent option for a spiced up holiday! Sushi is a great option for a shareable plate, and we at Veritas believe it brings people together in the best way. Cheers from Veritas!