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Fusilier Family Farms

a bowl filled with different types of food on a table

 This week’s update from Veritas is a celebration of the background and beauty of Fusilier Family Farms, one of our produce partners based out of Manchester, MI. A multi generational family farm, Fusilier Family Farms grows produce and flowers on their 220 acres of land and supplies Veritas with the best of the best ingredients. Fusilier Family Farms sells a lot of their produce at local farmers markets in addition to their two stores, one in Manchester and one in Chelsea. One of the owners, Kathy Fusilier, told our creative content writer the story of the farm’s evolution from a hog farm in the 80s to a greenhouse produce farm in the late 90s. What started with a simple crop of sweet corn, pumpkins, and tomatoes during their first round of produce growth has flourished into a major operation. Fusilier Family Farms supplies Veritas with the highest quality produce, and we are very proud of our partnership with them. Veritas is committed to quality and sustainability, both of which Fusilier Family Farms helps us to achieve. Being part of a community surrounded by so much beautiful farmland puts Veritas in a unique position to serve the needs of everyone who walks through our doors, and we take that opportunity very seriously. We can write all day about Fusilier Family Farms and the quality produce we get from them, but you would be better off simply coming into Veritas to give some seasonal vegetables a try!