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Craving Focaccia? We've Gotcha!

a piece of cake on a plate

Everything we serve at Veritas has a story to uphold its quality and flavor, even down to the house Focaccia bread. Crafted by experts with background in Italian baking and New York cuisine, this bread is a vision meets a love affair with cheese, garlic, and delightful oil. What makes this bread so special is that it takes just a few simple ingredients to create the delicious Focaccia end product. The secret is, of course, that these simple ingredients are the highest quality we can get. Rich olive oil meets traditional parmesan to create something rich in flavor, an inviting and approachable bread that will always leave you smiling. Brushed with a house infused garlic herb oil, Veritas Focaccia has all the savory elements of a pizza in a house bread style. Whether you’re enjoying the bread with a salad, dipping it in a soup, or savoring it with a hearty entree, it’s sure to stand out on the palate. At Veritas, even our table bread is the highest possible quality, made by professional loving hands at the Manchester Market. If you find yourself falling for this bread, you can visit Manchester Market and purchase their garlic rolls in store, made with the same dough and baked into pull-apart rolls. These garlic rolls are perfect for any holiday gathering, and they’re fully baked ready to be warmed in the oven. This holiday season, let us break bread!